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Solid Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Floor Sanding has been assisting the Gurnee area for over 20 years delivering superb results based on our contractors’ expertise, skills, and knowledge. We are also focused on our customers’ satisfaction and that is why we always try to exceed their expectations. Our flooring specialists are also versatile, offering staining and sanding services as well.


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A proper sanding job not only relies on the expertise and skills of the workmen but also the machinery they use. At hardwood floor refinishing near me Gurnee, we take pride in using the latest, most powerful, and adaptable sanding machine in the industry - the Lagler TRIO. This three-disc sanding machine offers versatile capabilities, including finishing, different grades of sanding for wood floors, subfloor treatment, and wood floor polishing. It is a valuable tool for renovating solid wood, engineered, cork, and stained floors, as well as sub-floor treatment. No matter the size or complexity of your project, our flooring companies near me Gurnee are equipped to deliver exceptional results.


5 Benefits of Hardwood Floor Refinishing Near Me Gurnee

Beautiful Floors
With professional hardwood floor refinishing near me Gurnee services, our experts can quickly remove dents, scratches, and rough surfaces to leave you with a stunning floor.

Compared to new hardwood floor installation, hiring hardwood flooring refinishing near me Gurnee contractors is more budget-friendly, saving you money.

Improved Home Value
Your home’s flooring can make a significant impact on visitors and potential buyers. Refinishing your wood floors is a wise investment that enhances your home’s aesthetic appeal, increasing your confidence when entertaining guests.

Enhanced Safety
Damaged flooring can put your family at risk and decrease your home’s value. Splintered hardwood floors can cause severe injuries to your loved ones. By refinishing your floors, you can eliminate potential hazards and increase safety.

Pest Prevention
Cracks and holes in damaged wood flooring can encourage pests like termites and ants to infest your home. With our hardwood floor refinishing near me Gurnee services, We will get rid of any pests and protect your home from future infestations.

Solid Flooring

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Project Execution
Your deadlines are important to us! Whether it’s installation, floor sanding or floor repair, our firm will put together a timeline and an execution plan that will be adjusted to your needs.
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Our hardwood floor installation Gurnee team wants to see you happy with the finished hardwood flooring project. Our installers will clean up the site and not depart until you have assessed the work.
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