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Solid Flooring: Local Hardwood Floor Restoration Kenilworth Enterprises

For more than 20 years, Solid Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Floor Sanding has served the Kenilworth region, producing excellent results thanks to the experience, abilities, and understanding of our experts. Additionally, we strive to go above and above for our clients since we care about their pleasure. In addition to their versatility, our flooring professionals also provide sanding and staining services.


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A good sanding job depends not only on the workers' knowledge and abilities but also on the equipment they employ. We at hardwood floor refinishing nearby Kenilworth take pleasure in employing the Lagler TRIO, the newest, most capable, most versatile sanding equipment in the business. This three-disc sanding machine has several functions, such as subfloor treatment, wood floor polishing, finishing, and various wood floor sanding grades. It's a useful tool for subfloor treatment and restoration of stained, engineered, solid wood, and cork floors. No matter how big or how complicated your job is, our flooring firms in Kenilworth are ready to provide top-notch service.


Five Advantages Of Local Hardwood Floor Refinishing Near Me Kenilworth

Gorgeous Flooring
Our professionals can provide you with a beautiful floor by promptly removing dents, scratches, and rough areas with professional hardwood floor refinishing near me Kenilworth services.

Hiring hardwood flooring refinishing near me Kenilworth contractors is more cost-effective than installing new hardwood floors, saving you money.

Increased Property Value
The flooring in your house may have a big impression on guests and prospective purchasers. Doing your wood floor refinishing near me Kenilworth is a prudent investment that improves the visual attractiveness of your house and gives you more self-assurance while hosting visitors.

Increased Security
In addition to endangering your family, damaged flooring lowers the value of your house. Your loved ones may suffer serious injury from broken hardwood flooring. You may improve safety and get rid of any risks by performing your floor refinishing near me Kenilworth.

Preventing Pests
Infestation of termites and ants in your house might be facilitated by holes and cracks in damaged wood floors. By using our hardwood floor refinishing near me Kenilworth services, we can eliminate pests from your house and shield it from any infestations in the future.

Solid Flooring

We Operate In This Manner, Step By Step!

Get In Touch With Us
Give us a call, and our hardwood floor installation staff will be pleased to provide you with all the information you necessitate about supplies, timings, expectations, and materials.
Site Inspection
We will have an in-person meeting to determine your goals and requirements. For your hardwood floor installation or floor repair job, hardwood flooring companies near me Kenilworth want to know every aspect.
Design Progression
We will provide you with an agreement and an implementation plan after we have evaluated your unique requirements and preferences. To get your flooring job underway, you will need to pay in advance.
Implementing Projects
We take your deadlines very seriously! Whether it involves installation, floor sanding, or floor repair, our company will create a schedule and an implementation strategy that may be modified to meet your requirements.
Final Findings
Our Kenilworth hardwood floor installation crew wants you to be satisfied with the way your hardwood flooring refinishing near me Kenilworth undertaken turned out. After cleaning up the area, our installers won't leave until you've given the job an evaluation.
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