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In the Naperville area, Solid Flooring’s hardwood flooring contractors Naperville specialists have been serving the locals since 2002, offering them the expertise, knowledge, and ability they deserve and expect from professional hardwood flooring contractors. Our reliable crew may deliver a variety of different services, such as hardwood floor refinishing near me Naperville, hardwood floor installation, hardwood floor staining, and sanding. Give us a call and let us take care of your project!


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At Solid Flooring, we have the best possible sanding machine available in the market, the special Lagler TRIO. This gives us an advantage when it comes to sanding hardwood floors. Its versatility lets us do even fine and intermediate sanding. And along with the capability, expertise, and skills of our staff, we come up with a team that seems unbeatable. We can finish prefinished wood floors to perfection, provide subfloor during a hardwood installation, as well as polish floors, and work with engineered, cork, and stained floors. Give us a call and let us be part of your hardwood flooring project with flooring companies near me Naperville!


5 Advantages of Hardwood Flooring Contractors Naperville

Beautiful Flooring
With professional hardwood repair services and hardwood floor refinishing near me Naperville services, you can easily eliminate scratches, dents, and rough surfaces from your floors, resulting in a stunning and flawless finish.

Cost-Effective Solution
Choosing to have your hardwood floors refinished by our expert hardwood floor refinishing near me Naperville services is a more budget-friendly option than installing brand new floors, helping you save money.

Increased Home Value
Having visually appealing flooring can leave a lasting impression on visitors and potential buyers, making hardwood floor refinishing a great investment that can improve your home's aesthetics and overall value.

Enhanced Safety
Damaged flooring can pose a safety hazard to your family and guests while also decreasing your home's value. With professional floor sanding and hardwood floor refinishing near me Naperville services, you can eliminate splintering, which can cause serious injuries.

Pest-Free Environment
Cracks and holes in damaged wood flooring can create an environment for pests such as termites and ants to thrive. With expert hardwood floor refinishing near me Naperville services, you can eliminate these pests and keep your home pest-free.

Solid Flooring

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If you need help with your hardwood floor installation or repair, our hardwood floor refinishing near me Naperville experts are ready to answer your questions about materials, timelines and hardwood floor design.
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Schedule a visit with our hardwood floor installation Naperville experts to take on-site measurements and assess your expectations. We want to find out as much as possible about your hardwood floor project.
Design Advance
After our experts visit your site, we will follow up with a design quote to create your project. We will deliver a plan, reach an agreement with you and request a deposit to start the work.
Project Execution
Whether what you need is hardwood floor installation, sanding or repair, we will set up timelines to ensure your flooring project is successfully finished on time. Deadlines will be met.
Final Results
We at Solid Flooring want to see you happy with your flooring project. After finalizing the work, our team will tidy up and will not leave your site until you have evaluated the final result.
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